July 25, 2012 at 14:31

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Action in the IB Primary Years Program at Spring Mill

“We are crew, not passengers.” — Kurt Hahn

Principled action, as both a strategy and an outcome, represents the IB’s commitment to teaching and learning through practical, real-world experience. IB learners act at home, as well as in classrooms, schools, communities and the broader world. Action involves learning by doing, which enhances learning about self and others. IB World Schools value action that encompasses a concern for integrity and honesty, as well as a strong sense of fairness that respects the dignity of individuals and groups.

Principled action means making responsible choices, sometimes including decisions not to act. Individuals, organizations and communities can engage in principled action when they explore the ethical dimensions of personal and global challenges. Action in IB schools may involve service learning, advocacy and educating self and others. 

Download: What is an IB education? [PDF, 3 MB]

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